You can always hope

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

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In this weeks, MondayMotivator,

  • Embrace a green light philosophy for building hope: Have faith and believe in the possibility of your goals.
  • Use imagination to confront challenges, take on essential responsibilities, and develop inner strength.
  • Avoid discouraging others’ dreams, nurture hope in yourself and others, and understand that hope is a valuable asset to be used wisely.

To build hope, you need a green light philosophy – Yes, go for it, have faith the thing is possible.

Use your imagination to come to grips with problems. Accept the challenges others would avoid but which are essential for the future of yourself, your family and your business.

Develop spiritual inner strength. Accept responsibility at home, at work, and in society. Believe in yourself as being unique.

Avoid crushing other people’s dreams or aspirations, and never tell anyone their dream goal is ridiculous, outlandish, or beyond the realms of possibility. What a great tragedy it would be if that person believed you.

History is strewn with dark days, but despite what happened, people brought light to themselves and others through hope. Hope helps you move from uncertainty toward understanding of the future and of others.

Understanding is what we need most of all if we are to create and sustain a sense of hope. As American author Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “We judge a person’s wisdom by the hope he gives us.”

Hope is a precious commodity. Use it wisely. But remember to use it.

This week think, I will help all I meet daily by offering them encouragement and hope for the future. Likewise,, my hope will be built on a green light philosophy of faith and trust in myself in the future.