Why Life Isn’t Fair, and What You Can Do About It

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

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In this weeks, MondayMotivator,

  • Life is not fair, and complaining won’t help; instead, actively work to change what’s unfair.
  • Accept situations you can’t change and find alternatives to manage the burden.
  • Stay positive with affirmations and determination, as success comes from overcoming obstacles, not avoiding them.

Who said life was fair? Certainly, it was not your parents, teachers or associates. The one thing life teaches is that life is not fair.

It pays to remember this because when life is unfair, complaining won’t help. It may even cause you endless frustration.

Make the best of life, actively working at changing what is unfair.

Sometimes, you will be unable to change the situation. So, a good cause of action is to accept it and work around the problem. Find an alternative to balance the burden. And avoid negative self-talk that only exaggerates things.

If your life is uncomfortable or you are being seriously challenged, use positive affirmations to change the scenario – “ I have something to accomplish, and I will see it through. I will ignore any annoyances that get in my way.”

No mountain was ever climbed without discomfort. No race won without grinding effort and disappointment. The secret of the participant’s success lay in surmounting the obstacles, not avoiding them or quitting.

Think to yourself constantly that every situation always has something good, so I will focus on that and encourage myself with positive affirmations and determination.