Who are you competing with? A personal growth hack.

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

matt le SJSpo9hQf7s unsplash scaled - Who are you competing with? A personal growth hack.

Someone once said, “It’s too big a world to be in competition with everyone. The only person who I have to be better than is myself.”

This is a statement I have come to believe is true because if you keep getting better you can’t help but be better. And that will help you win.

Highly creative and competitive people tend to have fluid, flexible and adaptive minds. The following are three tactics to help you grow, make use of your mind and win.

  1. Admit It When You Are Wrong

The first is simply, “I was wrong.” If you’re wrong, admit it and get on to the solution or the next step. 

  1. Face Up To Mistakes

Second, people think that it is a sign of weakness to say, “I made a mistake.” Really though, it is actually a sign of mental maturity, personal strength and individual character. 

Remember, everybody makes mistakes every single day. 

  1. Be Flexible With New Information

The third statement that creative people use easily is, “I changed my mind.” It is amazing how many uncomfortable situations people get into and stay in because they are unwilling or afraid to admit that they’ve changed their minds. 

Plus, be willing to cut your losses. 

If you get new information or if you find that you feel differently about a previous decision, accept that you have changed your mind and don’t let anyone or anything back you into a corner. 

If a decision does not serve your best interests as you see them now, have the ego-strength and the courage to “cut your losses,” to change your mind and then get on to better things. 

Here are 4 more tips to add to your toolbox if you want to get better and win.

  1. Be better prepared, more organised 
  2. Know how to utilise your time to get maximum results 
  3. Have a game plan;  Plan before you act 
  4. Maintain a positive mental attitude about yourself, your job, your product and your company

If you spend a bit more time getting your game plan ready, instead of what to watch on Netflix, you will see the difference it will make to your productivity and creativity today. 

Have a terrific week.