Trying new things sucks. But you should do it anyway.

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

This year I started two new hobbies and they changed my life in ways I never would have imagined.

How’s that for a click bait headline?

The thing is, it’s true. I’ve had to start completely from scratch and be open to feeling stupid and getting hurt from time to time.

So, to start. I got over feeling stupid a long time ago when I realised that feeling stupid means I’m learning something new. And that’s exciting. Yes, I was the kid always asking the ‘stupid questions’ in class.

I’ve said it before that the only reason I’m annoyed we die is I will never learn all the things I want to. There’s so much cool stuff I miss out on when I choose to do a thing. So if you choose something you need to crack into it and extract every thing you can from it.

Don’t shirk. Go all out.

In my opinion trying something new is brave. You’ve got over feelings over being stupid and you’ve put yourself into an uncomfortable situation. That is bravery.

If you don’t feel you’re brave. Just do the thing. Because that feeling will disappear quickly once you’ve made the first step. Especially if you can get some quick wins. And, remember your good at other things while you’re sucking at the new thing.

Also, keeping in mind you will get better means you can push through the uncomfortable and keep you motivated to show up. Once you learn this new skill or take up this new hobby it will add a completely new dimension to your life.

Here are some things I learned this year from my two hobbies. Disc golf and indoor climbing.

  • I still suck at my favourite hobby (disc golf) and that’s ok.
  • I get annoyed that I can’t get out and practice/play more.
  • Getting a basket to practice putting every day is relaxing for me.
  • I get to hang out with friends every Sunday morning in an awesome setting.
  • I got coaching and it helped.
  • I got more coaching and now I’m back to square one and relearning how to throw. Throwing better already though. The right coach helps more than just any coach.

Climbing hurts.

  • I’ve smashed myself on the wall but keeping moving helps and adds to my determination.
  • I look stupid every time I fall off the wall or can’t complete a project and that’s ok.
  • I’m pushing myself to do the side splits so I can climb better. This helps my disc golf too.
  • I hang every day to improve my strength. And I believe it releases tension in your back and means it will hold off old age shrinking as long as possible.
  • The feeling of completing a climb is amazing. I have it on video and my face says it all.These hobbies are cheap and accessible and will test you in every way possible. Both mentally and physically and that’s a very, very good thing.

What is the new hobby you want to take up that gets you outside, that you’ll suck at for awhile and learn a whole raft of new skills you have been putting off taking up?

Start it today.