Time to break the bubble

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Short intro this week. It’s almost crunch time for moving to the next level. I hope you had a good Mothers Day in your bubble or however else you were able to honour mum’s today. We got our crafting hats on to make our cards and they were met with great approval. Score 1 for the internet 🙂

Stay safe, stay home and stay connected and let’s hope for good news tomorrow.

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This week’s email marketing tips and cool things from around the web

New Zealand has ‘effectively eliminated’ coronavirus. What we did right.

Get out there! There won’t be any tourists for awhile. Time to make the most of the best back yard on the planet – NZ tourism.

Kraftwerk still influences my musical choices today. The Robots is perhaps one of my favourite tracks ever. RIP Florian Schneider

This week check out the new movie from Pixar – Onward.

We added a plethora of new songs to our Spotify Playlist this week, The Robots – Kraftwerk, RITMO – Black Eyed Peas, Jbalvin, Tu És a Mulher – C4 Pedro, Hurricane – Bob Dylan, Motherless Child – Tom Jones, Portishead, ILYSB – Stripped – LANY, Glitter – Benee, Twilight Driving – Methyl Ethyl and Everybody’s Gotta Live – Love