The truth about email frequency

Posted by Spike Email Marketing

Or, how often should I be sending emails?

This is one of the most common questions I am asked and 99% of the time the answer I give is, “It depends. But, more often than you are now.”

Then I wait for the statements that inevitably follow…

I don’t want to bother people?

I don’t want them to think I’m spamming them.

People will get sick of them.

What am I going to send them?

Whenever I talk to people who are worried about emailing too frequently and “bombarding” their customers and prospects with emails they might be emailing monthly or, at most, weekly.

For a lot of businesses, especially retail ones, that’s just not enough.

Is one email a week “bombarding”? Only if the emails have little of value in them.

In fact, I spoke to a marketing consultant earlier this week who switched to emailing his subscribers daily nearly two months ago. That’s right: daily.

The results?

His open rates have remained the same. His unsubscribes have dwindled to virtually zero. And most importantly, the number of enquiries he’s getting for his services from email subscribers has shot up.

The famous email marketer answer, “It depends.”, really does depend on the business you’re in and how fast you want to grow you’re business.

If you want to go from middling to dominating, you need to send more emails and better emails. Align them with your business objectives and you’ve got Email With Purpose. Boom!