In this Spike Tip sending less content more often, wins!

Posted by Spike Email Marketing

Welcome to ‘Spike Tips’, where we share expert tips to get your email marketing working. This time we’ll be looking at the simple idea that, actually, more is more.

So many people have the mentality that ‘less is more’ when it comes to email, but it’s just not the case! Our advice is always to send less content, but more often.

Something we’ve noticed is that email, as a channel, is never compared to the likes of television or radio, where messages get repeated a lot. Really though, there is power in this repetition.

Which brings us to our mantra: Consistency -> Loyalty -> Trust -> Bars and BBQs

In our view, when you consistently communicate relevant, timely and valuable content to your clients and prospects, over time you gain their trust. The consistency here is key in terms of aesthetics, as well as timing, so you build brand recognition and a sense of gratitude, alongside the delivering of value.

The theory is to just keep chugging away at that, putting good stuff out there – because, over time, the trust you have gained will blossom into customer and brand loyalty. If you’re doing your job right, you’ll have people eagerly awaiting your communications, or at least thrilled when they hit their inbox.

You’ll be encouraging replies and, in this way, people will be actively engaging with you and the brand. It’s through this engagement that you really earn their trust, which brings us to the last phase, which is the real winner – the one part that will start making a huge difference to the ease with which you get business.

That’s right, with all the initial steps in place, you’ll be staring down the barrel of a positive word of mouth machine. With the consistency, the trust and the loyalty there, people will start talking about you… in good ways!
They’ll be singing your praises at BBQs with friends or in social gatherings at bars. And this is good. This is how more work and sales and fans come about, and you want this.

It may seem lofty, but it’s real – and we’ve seen it happen time and time again. It’s possible for you too, with email marketing of the freakin’ awesome kind. Watch out for more ‘Spike Tips’ for further advice on how to get this working for you, but in the meantime, there are a few changes you can start making right now.

A staged approach for stepping up contact is best. So, if you’re writing a quarterly communication, consider a move to monthly. Or, if you’re currently on a monthly system, ramp it up to fortnightly or weekly. It may seem like it’s going to be more work, but it isn’t…

Just break your content down to split it across communications. You’re going to get better read rates and keep people’s attention span much more successfully if you’re not giving them a novel each time. After all, whose got time for all of that?

Good luck achieving ‘more is more’ and if you want further advice or to talk anything through, just Contact Us.