Potential: Or, Becoming More Than You Think Possible

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

IMG 3519 - Potential: Or, Becoming More Than You Think Possible

Unless a person undertakes more than he thinks he possibly can do, he will never do all he can do.” Henry Drummond, Scottish Evangelist.

With the millions of thoughts that are constantly occurring in our minds, we create our own realities.

The #swearingproject is making this a reality for me. Being intentional with my speech creeps into all aspects of my thinking, emotions and so my life.

So, if the thoughts are negative, the perceived reality in which we live will also be negative. And vice versa.

If your thinking patterns in the past have leaned more towards negativity. Or, what many people think of as being realistic or practical. In other words not really possible. Then it can be difficult to imagine an alternate way of looking at your life.

However, it is possible to turn it around by developing Mega Thinking. This is a much more effective way of creating the right thought process in your mind because it allows for Possibility Thinking.

Thinking is seeing” as Balzac once wrote. You can do it at any time. You don’t need a special environment or anyone to do it with. It certainly kills boredom. You can put Mega Thinking to great use when you are waiting for someone instead of daydreaming. It offers you a rich mental world.

Today you have to think differently in order to adapt to the great metamorphosis taking place in the world we live in. What we are talking about is not thinking big, but big thinking; a quantum leap in creating more use of the billions of brain cells that everyone possesses.

Every person has potential. Right now you may not be good at say, writing short stories. But, you have the potential to learn how to be good at it if you apply yourself and make writing a strength.

It is important to remember, that everyone has differences in personality, character and uniqueness. Such as in their talents, patterns of behavior and dream goals.

Unfortunately, this insight is lost on many people in relation to themselves and others they know. Or decide to have an opinion about when they are quite often guided by general opinions. Remember opinions are not facts.

And that brings to mind one of my favourite quotes and maxims I live by, “Strong opinions, loosely held.” This is a quote I heard from Marc Andresson that is attributed to Jeff Bezos. Simply, it means that you are willing to change your mind if you are proving to be wrong by better information.

Your mental capacity is astonishingly large. And, your ability to process widely varied information and complex new experiences with relative ease can often be surprising.

The human brain has the ability to act and react in ever-changing ways. This special characteristic allows the brain’s estimated 100 billion nerve cells to constantly lay down new pathways for neural communication and to rearrange existing ones throughout life. Thereby aiding the processes of learning, memory, and adaptation through experience. All of which, aid to realising human potential and achievement.

So, remember that the thing is possible and you are capable of more than you think possible.