The true sense of achievement and the importance of persistence

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mm - The true sense of achievement and the importance of persistence

The need for achievement is the desire to accomplish difficult tasks and to meet standards of excellence. A sense of achievement is a vital part of everyone’s psyche because it operates as a guiding force. A need for achievement runs in tandem with having a purpose in your life.

Of course, there are variations on the theme because everyone has different standards of what is right for them and their belief or expectations of life.

People who have low expectations and lack real purpose tend to choose the easy options, whereas, those with high expectations or strong beliefs choose tasks that are moderately difficult for them. They are persistent and do not give up till they have a sense of accomplishment. Their motivation is purposeful and driven. They do things for a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment, not necessarily for any extrinsic rewards such as money.

Achievers are usually coachable and open to feedback about themselves.

  • They capitalise on their strengths and work to improve their weaknesses.
  • They attribute their performance to their character rather than circumstances.
  • They have a sense of accountability and responsibility for their success as well as their failures.

Achievers prefer to operate, although not always, detached from those around them even when part of a team or belonging to a group. They also like to face any challenge they may encounter during the course of their lives and deal with it immediately.

Many well-known achievers would tell you that in a lifetime of setbacks and comebacks, the truest sense of achievement is not found in the realisation of the goal, but rather in the will to continue when failure breeds doubt.

Another one of the qualities of achievers is the strong desire to accomplish difficult tasks and to meet standards of excellence.

This is one of the reasons why we witness the theory of the eighty-twenty rule where twenty per cent bring in eighty per cent of the business. The same principle applies in many walks of life including sports and the theatre.

Everybody, to whatever extent, has the need to achieve. And there seems to be no reason why anyone regardless of their personality or lack of success, may not realise or be taught the qualities of the achiever.

However, it needs to be understood that achievement relies on more than just ambition. It requires other attributes such as aptitude, knowledge, talent, intellectual capacity or curiosity, and discipline.

When you assume a mental posture of a sense of achievement you will have taken a major step in taking immediate ownership of your life. You will have adopted an attitude that you can do it and that the thing is possible.

I’ll be in touch later in the week to let you know how I’ve cultivated a sense of achievement in my life recently.