If you could work at Mailchimp what job would you choose and why?

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As a visitor to Mailchimp HQ in 2019 for the Partner Lab, I had a glimpse into what it’s like to work at Mailchimp. In my opinion, it looked like a great place to be and an excellent company to be with. Covid has completely changed that workplace scenario now but the people I met and the work they do is still inspiring for me.  See what myself and fellow Mailchimp Experts would like to do if they worked there. 

email marketing banner mailchimp - If you could work at Mailchimp what job would you choose and why?

I’d like to have a job in UX (user experience). Now Mailchimp has expanded and continues to expand its offering, I would like to work in the UX team helping connect the dots together to make a fluid and seamless journey for people. Mailchimp prides itself on being intuitive and easy to use, which gets increasingly harder the more stuff you add into it.

Doug Dennison
CEO & Co-founder

I’ve always been impressed with Mailchimp’s ability to be a market leader while still be flexible and agile enough to listen to customer needs and address them quickly. Personally I’d be interested in working in any number of areas there, but lately I’ve been exteremly interested in how they’ve launched Mailchimp & Co, which is a program aimed at helping freelancers and agencies that use Mailchimp for their customers. Knowing first hand how beneficial the platform is for marketers and having used it to develop and execute thousands of campaigns would likely give me additional insight to assist with program growth. And while its off to a great start, I see a lot more potential for it in the future.

Adam Q. Holden-Bache
Director of Email Marketing
Enventys Partners

Very tough question. To me, Mailchimp is more than just a great marketing platform. The company’s mission to “listen hard, change fast” and how they constantly give back, make it a pretty dream company to want to work for. But if I had to choose, I’d probably want to do something in product marketing or work with the awesome Mailchimp & Co. crew to help find more incredible freelancers and agencies who love Mailchimp as much as I do. Or…I’d enjoy being a fly on the engineering wall too.

Emily Ryan
Co-Founder and Email Strategist
Westfield Creative

This is a difficult question to answer because Mailchimp seems such a great place to work, and there are several opportunities to do great things. I’d like to work with the Automation team because I’ve been using Automations for so long that I know the pros and cons of almost every feature, so I think I could contribute to making them better. Another part of me would love to work with the Corporate Citizenship team, they’re doing a great job to “be the change you want to see in the world”. And finally, I’d like to work on an Italian localization project, I believe this would be a great contribution to a better user experience of Italian customers.

Alessandra Farabegoli
Digital Strategist, Co-Founder
Digital Update and Freelancecamp Italia

I’m not sure there is a job there that fits my idea right now. However, it would be similar to a customer success manager. A job where I get to work with customers who want to send email with purpose and maximise customer lifetime value.

Glenn Edley
Director & Email Strategist

Since I’ve been an email marketer for over 20 years, and a Mailchimp user for over 10, my ideal job at Mailchimp would be as a Product Evangelist. In all my years as a Mailchimp Expert and Partner, I’ve never once “sold” anyone on using the platform. My company is product-agnostic with our clients, we believe in finding the best fit with whatever software platforms they need to meet their goals. I believe in using best-in-breed software whenever possible, and providing clients with solutions that I feel confident will stand the test of time.

Mailchimp has long been a leader in the email marketing space, and even before it was, the vision of their leadership and the path they chose in that direction has always been one that I have respected. Even without the job title, I think I might already be an evangelist!

MaryAnn Pfeiffer
Digital Marketing Strategist
108 Degrees Digital Marketing

I’d probably try and find a job in the Product development team – that way all the fun stuff that I want to do, but hasn’t fully been put into place at Chimp HQ would be accelerated!

That and ensuring the way all types of users use Mailchimp is reflected in the development plan.

Robin Adams
Chimp Answers

Customer Service. I like solving problems and figuring out puzzles. 🙂

Amy Hall
Email Marketing Strategist and Certified Mailchimp Partner