I don’t care about your motivation!

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

Did you open this morning’s email because you thought, “What the heck! That doesn’t sound like something Glenn would write.”

Well, it’s true. I don’t care about your motivation because your motivation is your motivation.

It’s not mine. It’s not your significant others or your parents or peers. It’s yours.

If someone asks you what your motivation is, answer with, “That’s a great question. Why do you ask that?”

The reason is they probably want to have an opinion on it. And that opinion can actually undermine your motivation. It can demoralise and demotivate you. It might even leave you depressed and at a standstill.

Because, and I’m really making this point clear, what motivates you is totally different to what motivates everybody else.

You need to use what works for you but you also need to be aware when someone is talking about their motivation you shouldn’t have an opinion on it.

Don’t comment on it with your opinion on their motivation. Because, if they are doing really really well and that motivation is working for them, leave them to it. Your opinion doesn’t actually matter. It doesn’t count because you don’t want to demotivate them.

Unless of course that motivation is harmful to others. But I’m just putting this here because you might think I haven’t thought of that side of things.

So, this is something that I struggle against because what motivates me has generally been cars. And they’re expensive things. They also take up space. And some people aren’t as keen on them either as a reward for completing goals.

However, I’ve come to realise that that motivation is actually just a surface motivation. What really motivates me is being useful and helping people grow. Both personally and in their business.

That’s my biggest driver. And being able to have as big an impact as I possibly can is why I write every Monday, run workshops and do online marketing audits for free.

This week, keep your opinions to yourself, ask that question when someone asks you what your motivation is and see if your motivation is a surface one.

Have a great week.

Best regards,