What’s important to you?

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

Have you noticed that everyone’s thing is the most important thing? But, it isn’t always the most important thing to you. Or the most important thing you should be doing.

I’m always involved in several projects at once and everyone thinks their thing is the most important thing. Their time with me is more important than anything else I’m working on. And to be fair, it might be the only thing that they’re working on.

To ameliorate that you might act like that whatever you’re working on or whomever you’re working with at present is the most important thing. When you’re working on that project you are totally focused on that project. You have alloted the time required and can be totally present during that time.

But, what is the most important thing to you?

That is the thing that is going to move you towards where you want to go or who you want to be.

Nothing else matters.

However, this is only the case if you know where you’re going or who you want to be.

Have you got a clear picture of those things?

Ask yourself now, who do I want to be and where do I want to get to?

Did you have a definitive answer?

Could you tell me in a simple way?

Not many people do because they don’t have purpose. They’re just kind of drifting.

Because of that lack of purpose, everyone else’s thing will become ‘your’ most important thing.

Having a clear purpose you can align other projects which makes it easy to pick and choose what you should be doing.

Having a clear purpose will make it easier to say no to things that don’t align with your path.

In reality, the one we are sharing while you read this, your purpose is simple. Your purpose in the words of Marcus Aurelius is,

“Life is short. That’s all there is to say. Get what you can from the present – thoughtfully, justly.”

Purpose does not have to be complicated to be effective or put a dent in the universe. A simple way is to put your most important thing in front of you every day. Make sure you’re doing one thing a day that pushes you along that path and your most important thing will stay your most important thing.

Always remember, that if you keep things simple they are easier for you and others to follow or get behind.

Have a great week and remember to ask yourself, “What is my most important thing?”

Best regards,