Activity overcomes inability

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

mm02102023 scaled - Activity overcomes inability

In this weeks, MondayMotivator,

  • Overcome excuses: Stop making excuses based on age, appearance, or circumstances.
  • Discover hidden talents: Take action to explore your abilities and seek advice from successful individuals.
  • ACT NOW: Start the habit of immediate action to set yourself apart and experience positive outcomes.

How often do we make excuses for inactivity? “I’m too old, too young, too tall, too short, too overweight, not educated enough, inexperienced, lack the talent.” “Some people are born lucky, with my family background and circumstances,” and so on.

How often have you heard these comments, these lame-duck excuses?

Activity overcomes inability.

Stop prejudging your ability. We all have multiple talents. The problem is that too many go through their life without discovering their unique talents.

Start discovering what your hidden talents are today. Do this by taking what might be for you, massive action and trying things you may have thought impossible.

Seek advice from people who are successful at what you would like to do or be if you knew you couldn’t fail.

Tomorrow may be too late. So, why wait and miss out on what could be a memorable and rewarding experience. Act every moment you can.

Never mind whether it will work out or where to start – begin now. And start the ACT NOW habit. This is what sets achievers apart from others.

If you start being involved, being active – good things will happen.

Think to yourself: I will have faith in myself by discovering my inner strengths and talents and avoid excuses by immediately taking action to try these talents without thinking about whether they will work. I will recall the satisfaction when I took positive steps in the past. I will decide to act now and set the wheels in motion for exciting results in my future.