Overcome Loneliness with Meaningful Connections

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

mm09102023 - Overcome Loneliness with Meaningful Connections

In this week’s MondayMotivator,

  • Loneliness is a self-inflicted feeling resulting from rejection or loss of close relationships.
  • Avoid self-pity and the victim mentality. Instead, focus on building relationships and making others happy.
  • The key to overcoming loneliness is to reach out to others and share love and positivity.

Loneliness is a distressing personal experience and, contrary to some people’s thinking, brought on by yourself and not something that happens to you.

It may be that you have been rejected or have lost a close friend. It could be a feeling of being unloved or that you are deeply hurt and don’t know how to cope. Certainly, it will be real to you but less apparent to others around you.

Feeling lonely is self-inflicted. 

It means you are looking only at yourself, allowing self-pity to overwhelm and destroy you. When you meet others like this, notice how manipulative they become to make themselves ‘feel’ happy. They are virtually putting their hands into your life, turning you around to their way of thinking and ruining your happiness.

To combat this, you must avoid self-pity or take on a victim status, whereby you search for pity from others. When you receive pity, your victim role is reinforced and fixed.

Popularity is not the answer, for it is only a study of dissatisfaction. The answer is to reach out to others and make them feel happy. Build relationships. Go beyond your own state, for only you can make you happy.