What’s the biggest challenge facing email marketing in the next 5 years?

Posted by Spike Email Marketing, Mailchimp Experts

I don’t have a crystal ball but I am always bullish about email marketing sticking around for a very long time to come. There is still no better channel for return on investment and no more private, direct or business owned communication with customers. What’s going to happen in the next five years? Here’s what me and my fellow Mailchimp experts think.

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I think post-COVID, email has become more vital than ever. The challenge will be to provide consistent value.

Hyper-segmentation is becoming super important in order to send highly personalised and relevant messages.

Doug Dennison
CEO & Co-founder

Trying to subscribers open your email and read it for more then 2 seconds 😉

Nick Beuzekamp
CEO & Founder
Online Marketing Bonaire

The biggest challenges facing email marketers in the next five years is going to be the ability to continue to deliver high-quality content, growing subscriber lists, improving deliverability, and increasing engagement and ROI.

Inbox competition is already a battle, and likely won’t diminish anytime soon. Standing out in the inbox and generating conversions once you get that attention is already difficult, and it won’t become any easier as the inbox becomes more crowded and brands continue to ramp up the delivery frequency.

Adam Q. Holden-Bache
Director of Email Marketing
Enventys Partners

Rendering your email for various devices is a big challenge. With new mobile phones and tablets coming to market all the time and things like “dark mode,” it makes creating great emails even more challenging. And if email creative can’t be seen on certain devices, that’s a big problem.

Also, deliverability is and will continue to be a huge challenge. ESPs are only getting smarter at sorting through the spam and it makes our jobs more challenging to figure out the best ways to even get an email to your main inbox.

Emily Ryan
Co-Founder and Email Strategist
Westfield Creative

After a year like this, asking for a 5 years forecast is really challenging! Seriously, I think that email marketers and generally marketers will have to find a balance between the constant call for attention (by companies and brands) and people’s need to clear up space and focus on what’s really important.

This is a strategy and marketing (without any prefix) issue; it reflects on email marketing by urging us to nurture relationships and send the most relevant and effective messages, emails that help people to solve for their problems and reach their goals, not ego-centered “buy me! buy me!” DEMs.

Alessandra Farabegoli
Digital Strategist, Co-Founder
Digital Update and Freelancecamp Italia

Privacy is going to be a bigger issue moving forward. Younger people keep more things private than we think or it might look like.

Getting the data we need to send personalised email could get harder so we need to be thinking about the best way to engage and get the responses we want.

Glenn Edley
Director & Email Strategist

As more states and countries adopt legislation like the CCPA and GDPR, navigating the rules for permission email marketing will only become more complicated. The lack of a single, consistent policy determination will make it challenging for email marketers to keep up with those inconsistencies.

We will lean on martech providers like Mailchimp to keep us in step with the latest laws, but ultimately, it is our responsibility to learn how to navigate this landscape that is constantly changing and which has serious legal ramifications on all areas of the organizations we work with.

MaryAnn Pfeiffer
Digital Marketing Strategist
108 Degrees Digital Marketing

I think deliverability will continue to be a huge challenge for all email marketers. Getting into the inbox gives you a chance to win… but if Google et al improve even more in filtering out “promotional” emails, it’s down to us, the emailers to work harder to get that reputation up, deliver more value and justify our inbox position.

Robin Adams
Chimp Answers

The biggest challenge for email is staying relevant. Relevance in the type of information you’re sending (don’t send readers info they’re not interested in) and that takes tracking readers opens, clicks and preferences and sending them more of the info they want to read.

Amy Hall
Email Marketing Strategist and Certified Mailchimp Partner