Success Takes Time

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20240115 - Success Takes Time

In this weeks, MondayMotivator,

  • Success takes time and effort: It’s a gradual process of nurturing ideas through positive thinking, planning, and continuous action.
  • Success is a journey: Achieve success through learning from mistakes, embracing trials, and enjoying the rewards of the journey.
  • Preparation is key: Like the Mosso tree, diligent preparation sets the stage for rapid growth when the right opportunity comes.

As the classic advert says, success, like good cheese, takes time.

It is not instant from an idea. The idea must be embedded firmly in the mind, as something that will happen not might happen. Then, it must be matured by constantly feeding positive thoughts, planning, continuous action, and discipline.

The action of success is always fruitful and worthwhile. As French author Alexandre Dumas once wrote, “Nothing succeeds like success.”

However, you shouldn’t confuse success with instant gratification. Successes only come through trial and effort, by making mistakes, learning from them, and improving what you are doing along the journey. The path you take to success is what makes the rewards so enjoyable.

Getting ready can take time.

In China, there is a giant bamboo tree called the Mosso tree. They plant the seed and wait four years before it appears above ground. Amazingly, it then grows at over one metre per day.

So, what was it doing for the first four years? It was getting ready for the opportunity to grow.

What you can learn from the Mosso tree is to be prepared to nourish your dream seed – your plans, diligently and meticulously. And when the time comes to spring into action, you’ll grow faster than you thought possible.

Remember, your failure helps no one, whereas your success helps everyone and can impact the lives of many.

Think to yourself: I know that success is gained through my efforts and that they will bear fruit in due time. I will carefully plant the seeds of my dreams in the positive environment of my brain and nurture them daily with constant action and discipline until I realise them.