People Aren’t Willing To Evolve Email Marketing, But You Should

Posted by Spike Email Marketing

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Yup! We are all aware of those popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and so on. And on …

We all know, and might have used, new age communication tools like Slack, Messenger, Hangouts and Skype.

All these NEW tools are enough to make people feel like email is outdated, ancient and unnecessary. It’s only there for people who have yet to move on to the more modern and savvy way of communications.

We hate to be the one bursting your bubble, *pop!*, but that isn’t simply true. (#EmailAllTheWay)

We have said it time and time again. Email is the digital glue. It provides the cohesion between all other online channels.

“Emails are sticky, they cut through, and when customers open and read them, it demonstrates that they are active, interested and want to be engaged with your company.”

Guy Hanson, Return Path

There’s a certain simplicity and clarity with how email works.

If you take a look at your own email inbox, you’ll see newsletters, promotions and social messages and probably still the emails from companies you have dealt with about the current changes in lieu of EU’S General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

LOL! There was a heap of those, aye? Anyhoo …

Email is not going anywhere and it is crucial for businesses to understand the importance of emailing with purpose. The other channels like might look like they offer useful direct communication, but it is not the same as the personalised outbound comms email marketing provides. Email is still the King of Konversion. #hattip #nevillemedhora

Measuring your customer’s engagement is a pretty straightforward task when you have all the data email provides and can integrate with. In the first place though it could come down to open rates, people clicking links (CTR) and rates of people who are not engaged (haven’t opened or clicked for some time, unsubscribes and spam reports) and these are fairly easy to measure.

But, you have to remember, you can’t just “build it and send it”. There are many components that play a part in a successful email campaign and one of them is having a plan. #emailwithpurpose

Studies show that an email with a clear objective will do really well. This can be achieved by utilising the emails Subject Line, content, Call-To-Action Buttons and Links and the email layout. One clear way to ensure that your emails are getting through your subscribers is personalisation. Always remember to personalise your emails. It’s the one sure way to get your readers clicking and reading and clicking through. There are various ways to personalise emails apart from Hi %%FIRST NAME%%. Try them out.

Also, keep in mind these factors that come into play with how your list interacts with you.

  1. The level of trust between sender and consumer
  2. Relevant offers and content
  3. WIIFM to open this – value exchange for their time
  4. Not aligning with what else is happening in the company (e.g. poor customer experience, negative press, etc)

This is why higher levels of consent, for example, GDPR, can actually work for email marketers in the long run. With stricter consent, you’re building a higher level of trust between yourself, the brand, and the customer. This will mean higher value data which in turn allows email marketers to deliver better emails – which leads to higher levels of engagement and greater ROI. #winning

So can we easily dismiss email because it’s not a shiny new thing?

No, absolutely not.

Taking it out of the mix is not the smartest decision. Remember that email is the digital glue with a whole lot of potential when it is utilised properly. Every business should have email in their marketing and communication plan – not as an afterthought, but a centrepiece of its communication strategy.

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