It really is the little things…

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

There are probably a bunch of little jobs around the house or at work that you haven’t done. They’re just waiting to be done. They’re not big and won’t take much time at all.

But, they’re not done. Mostly because they’re so small they seem inconsequential.

They’re not.

They are not small or inconsequential. They’re actually HUGE.


Because, every time you walk past them or use them you tweak or cringe just a little bit. “Oh, I must fix that.” pops into your head. Or, “I’ll do it this weekend.”

You need to make a list and do them as soon as possible.

And like me you will find it’s the little things that bring you much joy. Like fixing wobbly door handles or door handles that stick when you turn them. Or changing light switches so they match the rest of the house.

Those things that have been annoying you for so long will bring you more joy than you can possibly imagine when they’re fixed.

The wobbly door handle. Fixed. Every time I use that door handle now I smile. It’s fixed.

The light switches with the wrong cover or the wrong shape switch now match. Every time I use those switches I smile. Fixed.

These little moments of joy you’re depriving yourself of by not sorting them out now are some of the little moments that will help you through the day. From my experience I am not overstating the joy fixing these little things will bring you.

Make a list.

Buy what you need to buy.

And fix them.

Welcome to joy!

Have a great week.

Best regards,