Thinking gain not lack

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

Too often I hear people talk about something they gave up or left as if it was the most important thing in the world to them. I believe that you should talk about what you gained, not what you gave up or what you left.

A great example of this being a trope mothers rollout when they’re not impressed with their kids. “I gave up my career to do this.” No, you gained a new career. You gained a heck of a lot more in your life.

Think about what you have gained by becoming a mother. “I gave up my body.” No, you gained a different body. Apparently, if you’re an athlete there are lung capacity gains you might now have. Sweet!

If you think about gain, and unfortunately, what mothers say is the only example I can come up with right now, you don’t give up stuff. You gain. In every sense.

And yes, there might be some stuff that you don’t do anymore to do the thing you want to do. But don’t talk about giving it up even when you really want to because the disappointment in the person or situation in front of you calls for it. “I gave up X to do this!”

Look, I could say that about drinking because it’s really not that socially acceptable. Some might even consider it anti-social.

However, I might say that I gave up drinking to be healthy. No, no, I gained health. I’m healthier because I don’t drink.

It might seem like a small thing that doesn’t matter, but in my opinion it does. It’s a ‘trick’ in your mind that if you flip it to being optimistic, if you flip things you say to the positive, you’re going to be a much better person to be around for a start. You know?

Plus, your mind will work in a different way and be on the lookout for positive things and opportunities to grow and prosper.

So, my thought for the week for the umpteenth time – talk about what you’ve gained. I’ve done that for a long time myself and it works.

Have a great week.

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