How I recover from failure

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In this week’s MondayMotivator,

  • The Swearing Project: Applies a “Sacred Pause” to manage reactions effectively.
  • Recovery Routine: Acknowledge, reflect, note lessons, and promptly move on.
  • Stresses Mistakes: Crucial learning moments for personal growth.

The Saturday Solopreneur (Justin Welsh) posted on Linkedin  about mistakes and asked, “How do you recover?”

This week wasn’t a great one, swearing-wise, so I felt sure I was qualified to comment on this because I have to get back to 100% green this week.

But, before my answer. Some background.

They say what you can measure, you can manage. The image above is how I measure my week. This is the reddest my week has been for some time. Dipshit was the word that tripped me up a couple of times. And, I failed miserably on Monday in dealing with a situation with Lachie. To be fair to myself, it’s one swear word a day and then several on Monday. Nothing near what I used to do and nowhere near the anger I would feel. That’s a win!

So, I messed up. But The Swearing Project doesn’t end after one week. It’s ongoing because it’s been the most effective tactic to give me the Sacred Pause. That pause before you react. That pause gives you the time to change what you say and the space to be bigger than you might respond. That’s why I’m so enthusiastic about The Swearing Project. It works.

Back to my answer to Dan’s question. How do I recover?

Easy, I stand up! I do that right after I go, argh! I dwell in the mire of self-pity for a minute or two.

Then, I might talk it out to myself or someone else. I might take a walk.