Email is King – here are the reasons businesses should send emails… with purpose.

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April 2013

Despite noise, email is still the highest priority digital communications medium. Email is opened before anything else. Why is the inbox still the most important real estate of the internet? Because it is the only place where people are free to make their own choices, filter out the ‘noise’, and invite messages to be placed in front of them for genuine, conscious consideration.

Glenn Edley, CEO at Spike, is Auckland’s email marketing guru.  With extensive knowledge on the power of email, Glenn believes that businesses need a consistent, targeted approach with email, as opposed to the popular, ‘random, if at all’ approach.  “Most people believe that email marketing is as simple as designing a template, throwing in some content, addressing it to everyone you know and hitting send. A spectacularly successful email marketing campaign is a lot more complex than that – involving database management, content strategy, client education, analysis of statistics and continual tweaking, reviewing and repeating.”

Spike is helping email marketing shed its old image of the ‘poor cousin’ of marketing channels and rapidly introducing it to the new era.  Switched on marketers know that email is actually the stealthy weapon in their marketing arsenal. Over half of brands surveyed for the DMA’s 2013 National Client Email Report reported an increase in open, click and conversion rates in 2012 – that’s a 5% increase compared to 2011 figures.

As well as an impressive number of adults online you have access to a huge percentage of the younger generation.  73% of 12-17 year olds have their own email account, and it’s these tech savvy youngsters who are the buyers of the future.  The possibility to engage with this age group is endless, inviting interaction over a number of platforms and in increasingly creative ways. Most powerful is the fact your database have ‘opted-in’ to receive your emails, proving they are interested and willing to consider your message.

In the online world, email has become the ubiquitous identifier for an individual. An email address is central to everything you do online and has a dollar value attached to it. You not only need an email address to sign up for newsletters and competitions but one is required for all the popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and is the only way to use iTunes and Android.

So what does “success” look like for those wanting some tangible figures?  Well, executed properly, every one dollar spent on email marketing is able to bring in an average of $28 return on investment, according to the Direct Marketing Association UK.

Retail is one industry which is best able to harness the power of email marketing.  An excellent email marketing campaign that Glenn and the Spike team recently undertook involved a clothing retailer who was looking to drive traffic in-store for a special three-day clearance sale.  An email was designed and built for three different offers within the sale which achieved record sales over that period of time.  The return on investment was more than 20 times the expenditure, i.e. every $500 this retailer spent on email marketing returned over $10,000 in sales.

How do you get onboard the email marketing bandwagon?  Glenn suggests a full review of your existing email marketing is best followed by an honest reflection on what the purpose of your email marketing is.  Following that we get down to the nitty gritty considering a call to action, subject lines, preheaders, design, suitability for mobile devices, frequency and much more.  These are just some questions you need to be aware of when considering the ins and outs of your email marketing campaign.

Whether you seek expert advice or insist on going the DIY route, it’s time to forget everything you thought you knew about email marketing. The numbers speak for themselves and they are screaming: “Any business would be foolish not to be emailing!”


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