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For the past 14 years, Spike has been New Zealand’s premier email marketing lab, helping businesses grow by unlocking the full value of their prospects and customers.

We’re a passionate bunch of people who get excited over doing email marketing right. We link your email marketing to your business objectives, creating Email with Purpose, then take the hassle of execution off your hands leaving you to grow your business.

In a nutshell - we help you get more customers, get them to buy more and help you keep them longer.

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Why Spike?

We provide:

Trusted delivery of your sales and marketing strategy down to a digital one-to-one level.

Pragmatic and proven steps with the flexibility to drive sales / list growth / campaigns / tools on demand.

Problem solving (not big fluffy ideas). Helping reach agreed milestones ASAP plus the flexibility to drive sales on demand.

Detail, detail, detail. We take care of it but keep you fully informed. The more spreadsheets, more often, the better.

The problem we solve:

‘The grey areas’
Between strategy and execution. Between hoping for results and getting results. Between wondering what’s happening and knowing what’s happening.

Strategic online marketing and execution.
Fully managed end to end. Exact targeting. Perfectly delivered. Proven response. Less wasted time, effort and spend.

Trusted performance.
Old school integrity and values. New school optimism and irreverence.

We plan to be flexible.
Professional emergency response to crisis or time-critical situations

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Case Studies

What we do


Build, test, design, send. We’re specialists in inbox placement, avoiding spam filters, and optimising responsiveness.


What you need to know and recommendations for the future, all data-backed.


Ensures the email is readable across all platforms and devices including mobile and desktop.


Attractive, legible, coherent, relevant, robust.


Attractive, on-brand, consistent language, seamless integration.


We’re actually poets.


Copywriters, coders, photographers, designers, illustrators.


Creation, curation, management.


Delivery, tracking, reporting.

Meet the team

You're in good company


Fieldays 2017 for Ssangyong/LDV

Spike conceptualised, designed and printed all physical and digital collateral for Fieldays 2017 based around the opportunity to win a Traeger grilling system. Passers by can complete one of the entry forms and deposit it into a branded box. Spike created 2 sets of collateral reflecting the 2 different brands under the umbrella.

To actively engage customers Spike designed and built an electronic sign-up form which matched the design language of the entry forms. Sales people can enter people’s details via the form, and results can be tracked via a live Google Doc displaying the results in real time. Each salesperson has their own tab on the sheet containing a breakdown of their performance. Once entered into the system the entrant will receive a branded email thanking them for their entry and also encouraging them to book a test drive in a Ssangyong or LDV vehicle.

Spike turned this project around within 2 working days and delivered all collateral printed and ready to go, along with a personalised walk-through of the software from Spike staff.

Live Tracking
Online Entry Form
Entry Forms
Auto Responders

Duncan Venison Signup Form

Objective: Small business needed to grow a database to kickstart their email marketing.

Solution: Spike devised an electronic sign-up form for use on 10 tablets that could be handed out at the Taste festival in Auckland.

People were encouraged to sign up to a simple yet attractive online form and be in with the chance to win a great prize. Their details were automatically updated to the client’s database through some pretty spiffing backend code.

Upon clicking ‘submit’ they were shown a thank you message which faded into the original signup form, ready to be used again.

Result: 3,371% database growth over 1 weekend.

Sign-up Tablets

John Franich Jewellers Fortune Cookie

Objective: The objective was to help JFJ grow their database while keeping the current database engaged. Spike came up with an online Fortune Cookie to coincide with Chinese New Year.

Solution: We designed and built the landing page, purchased and photographed the fortune cookies, wrote the fortunes ourselves, designed and programmed all the functionality and incorporated sharing ability to spread the message across social media.

Result: 900 fortunes generated by 631 users. 520 entries. 180 new subscribers. 79 Facebook shares.

Aeroqual Data Integration

Objective: Aeroqual wanted their contact forms to evolve into lead generation tools and market to these people.

Solution: We helped integrate with Zoho, and later Salesforce (CRMs), and set-up scheduled auto-responders which went out over the span of a week.

Result: Integrating with Aeroqual’s CRM solutions revolutionised their sales process and allowed the company to follow up on more prospects than ever before. An average of 63 clients per month were followed up, meaning increased sales and brand awareness.

Warehouse Stationery Winning Wheel

Objective: Engage the best customers with using something new and different to get them shopping online.

Solution: Created an engaging app which collected customer data while offering prizes.

Result: Very high open (41%) and click (59%) rates for the email. 68% of those clicking spun the winning wheel which demonstrates very high engagement. 13 customers purchased online for the first time.

Spin and Win
Spin and Win
Spin and Win

Spike Cleansing Process

Objective: You need to make sure you’re only communicating with viable and engaged customers. This increases your open rates, your conversions and helps you build a better brand.

Solution: We check through every database with a fine-tooth comb. We receive the client data and run if through the Spike cleaning process.

Result: Open rates go up, bounce rates go down, inbox placement and deliverability skyrocket. Database hygiene isn’t glamorous but it is very important. By removing all the defunct, disengaged, or outright fake email addresses (very prevalent on Wordpress-based sites) you can be sure that the people receiving your emails are the people you should be talking to.

Spike Cleansing