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At Spike, we are dedicated to helping businesses win with email marketing. With over 18 years of experience, we are NZ’s only 100% managed email marketing company.

We work closely with smart business owners and marketers to create effective email campaigns that get results. Our team of experts handle everything from design and build to sending, ensuring that your message, offers, and deals reach your customers’ inboxes.

Email marketing is a powerful tool for staying top of mind and prompting actions that drive website traffic and sales. Your customer database is a valuable asset, and email is the most effective and measurable way to unlock its potential. Trust Spike to be your expert partner in email marketing and see a SPIKE in your business success.


Glenn Edley
Founder / Passionate Email Marketer

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Proven email marketing results

Online businesses, large and small, work with Spike to maximise the return from their email database.

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Maximise the value of your customers by having an email marketing plan that delivers consistent results.

Since 2004, Spike has been helping businesses of all shapes and sizes create and implement email marketing strategies and solutions to increase revenue and results.
Our dedication to understanding our client’s businesses means we are a partner they instantly find value in. This approach has generated 10’s of $1,000,000’s of dollars of email marketing revenue per year for our clients.
From our 20 years of experience, we know we work best with online business owners who are at the point where they want to:
  • maximise the return on their email marketing channel
  • have experts run that channel because they don’t have the time
  • work to a marketing plan
  • and want to send, or are sending, at least 1-2 emails per week.
Our processes and our way of working are optimised for businesses who want to work this way. If this is you let’s get started with a free online business review. If you’re starting out or just need some help, ask me about our tailored email marketing coaching and workshops.
If you’re starting out or just need some help, ask me about our tailored email marketing coaching and workshops.
We look forward to meeting you soon.