The BIG Turnaround – make it happen!

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

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Ask anyone and you can get an opinion on the economy or anything else for that matter. But remember, you’re going to get both a positive and a negative opinion depending on where you look or who you ask. Even then, that opinion will only be guesswork. A bit like the weather. The outcome depends on many other factors. It’s wind. It will do what it wants to do. Not what we expect or want it to do.

Whatever is going to happen will happen. But, nothing will ever happen for you unless you make it happen.

Some people are going to make sure that it does happen by being first off the starting blocks and by working with DOERS. Others are going to think about it and give it some mature reflection. That’s exciting! Those PONDERERS will dedicate their energy and focus inwards. Whereas the DOERS will focus on what they believe they want to happen.

You can achieve a big year.

You can skyrocket your business to success.

You can make it happen, and you can do it now, by adopting these mega-thinking concepts:

Define what you want to happen

Be specific about the results you want. Don’t limit your thinking to past effectiveness or achievements. Ask yourself, what drives you, what is it you want to happen?

Think bigger than you have ever thought before. What will keep you motivated? Are you striving to be a better person, or a better manager or leader. This requires initiative and vision about what you want.

Detail it

Create a step-by-step action plan for success. Investigate other successes in your area of focus. Are you looking to improve in the role you play in your personal and business life?

List exactly what needs improvement and devise strategies for success in increments. Monitoring your progress at regular intervals. Be specific with yourself, so you have clear and practical goals to do each day. In Atomic Habits, James Clear lays out exactly how to do this successfully.

Do it

Do it better, do it more, or do it differently. But, never stop striving. If you find obstacles, find a way around them: do it better. If you find you have difficulty in your relationships with others. Learn from the experience and learn how to do it better the next time.

If you lose a sales or business client never give up. Keep on keeping on. Make things happen, and trust yourself more. Let your clients and business associates see your expectations of achievement and they will believe in you more.

Attitude makes all the difference

Your goals will be achieved once you start imagining what it will feel like to experience them. To get to that stage you should magnify your thoughts till they become ‘Mega-Thoughts.’

How powerful can you make your thoughts?

Take a moment and strip away all the layers of artificial thinking and false images you hold about yourself which have no real value.

Get at the root of what makes you a person.

Try to think back to your childhood. To those people who inspired you and ask yourself, “Is this course I’ve charted going to lead me to a fulfilled life? Or, one that has some profound meaning?”

Or, “Have I traded my unfinished boat for an inner tube, floating around on the surface going where the current takes me.”

Going nowhere at the whim of the current is not what you’re here for. Remember the steps,

1. Define what you want to happen

2. Detail it

3. Do it!

If you’re floating, start these steps today. Successful sailing!