In This Spike News: What does failing the bus test mean for your business?

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We’re back! I hope you were able to enjoy some of the great weather we had over the holidays. Shane worked like a trooper and is having a well-earned holiday this week, while Marcus is back and busy already, both on the phone and sending out a heap of emails. 2013 looks like it’s going to be an excellent year.

As well as allowing some time to look back on the year that’s been, the start of a new year is also helps us to take stock for the year ahead. At Spike, we continually tweak our business processes to ensure we can deliver our clients a premium service and, most importantly, maximum return on investment for their precious marketing spend. This year we are especially determined to ensure that our clients get a multiplier back on their investment with us.

Our experience has shown that the minimum annual spend in email marketing that returns a significant sales and brand impact for our clients is $6000. That’s $500 per month. If you can’t justify $6000, it becomes difficult for us to really help you to engage in a successful email marketing plan.

Here’s why …

The iceberg

We only know how to do email marketing one way – the right way. And that looks like this:

As you can see there is a lot more to email marketing than just the tip of the iceberg. That top bit is what most people think email marketing is and is why many attempt to do it themselves – however, this approach leaves a lot of money on the table; not least from the time it takes your marketing person’s focus away from other tasks.

These days, a lot of marketing teams consist of one person who works part-time. That doesn’t pass the bus test. The bus test is a key person getting hit by a bus and the business continuing to run without them. Until a few years ago, Spike didn’t pass the bus test. We’re pleased to say that it more than does now.

What does failing the bus test mean for your business?

Having a marketing person sick could likely mean that no-one knows how to build an email or which list to send it to, which can lead to mistakes and a lack of consistency for your customers. Lack of consistency is one the biggest reasons email marketing doesn’t work.

It has been said New Zealand companies are 6-7 years behind US businesses when it comes to email marketing. It used to be 10 years so we have improved.

Spike can help you improve even further.

Spike can help you jump forward in time and get those 6-7 years compacted into 12 months. Plus our costs include everything. You get all of our 60 + years media, advertising, business, marketing, coding, and email marketing experience for free, basically.

That’s all folks!

I’m very passionate about proper email marketing and we have the stats to prove it works. This year we are going to be really concentrating on providing great service and better results for our clients.

Welcome to 2013.