Caliwoods set a goal of $3000 in sales for the Go Green Expo, along with database growth.


This was another campaign where a competition was going to be the hook, but the lead sales person on the day was adamant that paper and pen was the best method. Spike created tandem sign up points to free up the time the sales person had to engage with individual customers and reduce choke points at sign up.


The sales target was surpassed by 200%, which was a phenomenal result. And almost 300 prospects signed up for follow-up communications (a database increase of over 20%).


The pressure of signing up prospects with paper and pen, and instances of illegibility or incorrect details had an effect on database accuracy. This was identified when Spike reviewed the results of our first EDM campaign to prospects and noted unacceptable levels of bounce back. By going back through the database and ensuring that it was as clean and accurate as possible we lifted open rates for the second campaign to 66.2%.

These two very different results are a graphic demonstration of the importance of database hygiene and management.

Going forward, Spike will be keeping the story fresh by targeting prospects with EDMs, blogs, promotions and product updates.

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