How to make sure your Call to Action buttons work

Posted by Spike Email Marketing

protip cta - How to make sure your Call to Action buttons workFirst off, why are Call to Actions or CTA buttons important?

Simple. So that email marketers can sell their products.

It pushes subscribers to do something, whether subscribing to the service, buying the product or getting reminded of an event. But whatever it is, CTAs are an essential part of email marketing and it’s important to understand how to make it work for your business.

1. Design
Use bright colours. This will catch the attention of your readers. Green and orange buttons are said to work best but it can also depend on your brand.

Another way to make sure that the button stands out is to use contrasting colours. Having a light background and dark button or vice versa can improve its visibility and catch the eye of the readers.

Don’t make it hard for your reader to see where it is. Make sure the button is visible with a text that can be easily read. However, some companies use text instead of a button. While there is nothing wrong with this especially if it’s the brand guidelines, make sure that it is obvious to the readers.

2. Location
Where is your Call To Action button?

Key is to put the button where it’s easy to see. Placing on the top part of the email can increase the chances of your readers spotting it and clicking on it. Avoid putting them at the very end or in weird places.

We read top to bottom, left to right — so it makes sense that your button is on the top part and left side or centre part of the email. Eye-tracking has shown we read emails in an F shape so make sure your important content is in the positions we scan as we read. The bottom right of your email, for example, is not a great place to have your most important call to action.

F Shape - How to make sure your Call to Action buttons work

Don’t overdo it. Don’t place way too many buttons and links can confuse and discourage your readers to click through. Usually, it is preferred to put one or two buttons in the email.

3. Test your button
This seems obvious enough but can be easily overlooked. Before sending your campaign to your subscribers make sure that everything is working correctly, this includes the call to action button.
Test that button takes your readers to where you want them to go.

Your CTA buttons serve a purpose, so it’s important that you get it right. Sometimes small changes in the design and location can make a huge difference.

So, check your CTA’s today and make yourself and someone else a little bit happier 🙂

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