Better Performance Means More Profits

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

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Have you noticed that successful businesses make money and succeed regardless of the share market or the economy or random events like Covid? Yet, some businesses that were set up to win, lose money and have bad years in the best of times.

This can be because before any major change in sales and financial strategies can be effected in business, management must understand performance psychology. Performance psychology is a strategy for major life changes. It is how we can make dramatic changes in our lives and our businesses. How to make major changes for greater results, profit and how to attract more excitement and happiness into your life.

Most people have a much greater creative ability than they think they have. Once an individual has experienced a mental change in their belief system they can be encouraged to tap into their hidden genius. Being creative and developing new ideas is not only natural but it can reduce stress and bring improved mental health by stimulating the brain’s neurons.

It is a falsely held notion that you must be learned or intelligent to be a great thinker. Many intelligent people are often poor thinkers. At school, we win points by demonstrating our fluency in language or our knowledge by being good at tests. The error here is to think that once the knowledge is considered sufficient to complete the test then the need to explore the situation further can be considered unnecessary. That is, once the test is passed the person moves on from the subject. And so the creativity is stifled.

This happens in business too. Where expert advice is given and accepted and the opportunity to explore it for other ideas is lost. To think the impossible requires one to become a thinker as opposed to an intellectual. Thinking is a skill that can easily be learned.

Businesses need to work on individual personal belief, self-esteem, leadership and communication skills. The greatest gift management can give staff is to make them feel good about themselves.

Everyone wants to know that their contribution is important and that they are appreciated.

Staff must be involved in many of the company’s problems and be offered the opportunity to contribute. When management and staff understand these principles, dramatic results can come from staff having unquestioning belief in themselves.

Key point today

Promoting the business must be a priority of every employee.

To achieve this, staff must first be educated to the concept that the business is dependant on continuity and future business sales or service. This can be accomplished when everyone is encouraged to support the idea and given recognition for their efforts.

Leadership starts at the top with the building of relationships and effective communication with every part or person in the business. Contributing always follows recognition and contribution stems from commitment and a personal sense of responsibility

All times are filled with opportunity and the future always looks good for those businesses which don’t just look to find opportunities but create them. The same goes for you.