Email Marketing Mantras I Use Everyday

Posted by Spike Email Marketing

I have a few mantras which I repeat often – because as all marketers know people need to see or hear things several times before they “get the message”.

My email marketing mantras:

1. Consistency leads to trust. Which leads to loyalty. Which leads to people talking about you at bars and BBQs.
2. Send Less More Often.
3. Send More. More.

The “Send More. More.” mantra means you could be sending more targeted emails more often. Or you could be sending better email more often.

Businesses are always afraid to “annoy people” or “upset them” by sending them more email. This is a flawed behaviour because the people / customers on your list signed up to hear from you.

Now if you didn’t tell them clearly what they were signing up for, you missed an opportunity. That opportunity is setting an expectation of what they will receive from you, and then delivering like crazy.

Because once you have done that and you deliver as promised, you follow the path of Mantra #1. And isn’t that what we all want? People buying your stuff / using your service and talking about you at bars and BBQs.

For once a whole bunch of more experienced email marketers agree with me.

Well, they agreed with Dela Quist and it turns out we’ve been saying the same thing for years –
“EEC15 proved that Dela and the people who have discovered that sending more results in higher sales – despite the misgivings of a large part of our email community – is absolutely right.” – Quote lifted from this blog post.

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