YourMondayMotivator: Why you should practice sustained effort in things you can’t do well

After 20 years in business, I started young, there are still a lot of sales based things I find difficult to do. Cold calling for example. It’s nerve wracking and there are a multitude of excuses to put it off. For example:

  • We’re busy and can’t fit in any more clients
  • It’s Monday they will be getting their head around what they’re doing this week
  • It’s Tuesday and I’ve got meetings to prepare for
  • It’s Friday. Who wants a sales call on a Friday
  • People call me when they’re ready – yeah right.

Terrible excuses really and ones that potentially hold your business back
I’ve even hired people to do it for me. Problem is they’re not me and there is a huge amount of knowledge in my head that always has the answer.
The stakes are higher now my business is more mature. I call well further up the chain if I can. To the top most of the time because they’re the ones making the decisions that affect whether or not we can help. Big companies too hence the nerves.
Last week I couldn’t put it off any longer and started making calls. And you what it wasn’t that bad. I just needed to do it. Made some appointments even. Choice!
This week when you come up with an excuse not to do something, and you will, don’t think, act. That pushing outwards of your confidence and the sustained effort you put into practicing that will make you grow. And once you’ve grown your confidence and skills they never shrink back.
That’s really how you grow. Seems simple when I read this but I know from experience it’s not. Keeping on doing it though will add a depth to your life not everyone has. That makes you useful, for ever.