YourMondayMotivator: The practice of doing good

How often do you consciously do good? … Think about it for a minute. …
Donating to a cause, or a traffic light window washer, doesn’t count. The answer is probably never. You never consciously do good because it’s ingrained in most of us to help others and be socially good.
The purposeful practice of doing good is hard. You have to be very aware of what you are doing and being “in the moment” is not as easy as it sounds. The reason is that our brain likes to create habits that then run automatically in the background freeing your brain to just get on with things. Driving becomes like this and leads us to falsely believe we can text whilst driving. However your attention has completely left the room and you really are a danger.
Some simple examples of being good; letting someone into a queue of traffic, listening to someone elses opinion and taking it seriously, being honest and kind at the same time, smiling, saying hello to a stranger who you make eye contact with, walking with your head up.
You might not consider these being “good” but in my opinion they will make a difference to how the world sees you and how you see the world. Practising being good means that instead of running on autopilot you will notice when you are good. Try it, it will make a big difference to your day.
On a bigger scale imagine if countries could practice doing good. Eventually it would become a habit. And then leading by example they would inspire other countries to do good.