Glenn Edley

The Original Spike. Glenn has been email marketing for the last 19 odd years and believes the value of your business is in your customer database.

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In a nutshell

Glenn Edley is a true entrepreneur, a marketer and a visionary on a mission to help businesses and people grow. Having owned a number of businesses, including a train smash, he understands what it takes to succeed.

With 16 years of experience running Spike, he freely shares his insight on online media channels and how to maximise email marketing return for businesses.

Glenn has always been passionate about helping business’ send #emailwithpurpose. He believes having consistent and clear communication with your clients and customers is the best way to stay top of mind, sell stuff and keep your customers. As an email strategist, his passion is proving the still little known fact that email marketing executed properly will outperform all other media, giving the highest return on investment.

His infectious zest for life is shared with his 1000’s of subscribers in his weekly inspirational MondayMotivator and minimotivator blog posts.

If you want a shortcut to the results sending world-class email gets schedule a call with Glenn today.

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