YourMondayMotivator: Why I’m cheering for Artemis

Over the weekend I had another painful reminder of just how important your back is. I’m typing this standing today. Good position for working on a laptop and definitely worth a try if you can.
Hurting my back reminds me of what the mothers said last week about risk for their children – it’s inconvenient. It really is when you’ve got lots to do but it forces you to slow down, rely on others, and think about other things. Things you might have been putting off thinking about.
Today though – Artemis. This America’s Cup regatta has been a massive outlay for the teams and the huge budget’s put many teams off. So when a team suffers a breakage or a tragedy they have to pull on all their emotional reserves to keep going.
artemis - YourMondayMotivator: Why I'm cheering for Artemis
Artemis had a good shot at racing in the final and seeing the progress they’ve made could be bringing up a lot of what ifs for the team. Or will it?
What ifs are just wishes. They are not a good foundation to build any project or habit upon. Watching and listening to the Artemis team members you can tell they aren’t about what ifs. They have a solid foundation built on focus and hard work.
Work that has meant many, many hours in close proximity to each other. They will have become a family and that foundation will have seen them through the very tough time they’ve had, kept their chins up, and helped them make the enormous progress they’ve made.
Here’s to Artemis. Thank you for turning up. Thank you for racing. Thank you for showing a lot of young yachties while there is risk great things can come from it.