YourMondayMotivator: Overcoming obstacles – choose carefully.

I always thought I would write MondayMotivators until I couldn’t write them and then I would dictate them until I was gone. I’ve been writing them for well over 11 years now and haven’t missed a Monday for 10 of those years. This month in fact.
August has always been an auspicious month for me. A time of change. Big change, not just little adjustments, but massive ones where I have taken firm hold of the wheel and turned onto a road less travelled as it were. At least by me.
Writing the MondayMotivator has been getting harder and harder lately. Every Monday morning busier and busier with more and more obstacles to overcome. Over the weekend I read a book that made me look at the obstacles in a different way. The book is called the Inner Game of Tennis by W. Timothy Gallwey. It’s a fantastic book. I recommend you read it several times.
Here is what a wise person once told Timothy when discussing greatness and that not all great effort leads to greatness.
“When it comes to overcoming obstacles, there are three kinds of people. The first kind sees most obstacles as insurmountable and walks away. The second kind sees an obstacle and says, I can overcome it, and starts to dig under, climb over, or blast through it. The third type of person, before deciding to overcome the obstacle, tries to finds a viewpoint where what is on the other side of the obstacle can be seen. Then, only if the reward is worth the effort, does he attempt to overcome the obstacle.”
I’ve been thinking I have lost sight of what is on the other side of the obstacles each Monday and until I can reach a good viewpoint the obstacles will be harder to overcome. My goal this week is to reach that viewpoint.
With this idea in mind, have you got to a good viewpoint to see what is on the other side of all the obstacles you face? Doing so might make it easier to see where you should be putting your efforts and not wasting time digging under, climbing over, or blasting through obstacles that don’t get you to the reward you want.
Have a great week.