YourMondayMotivator: Persistence – a season long story by Scott Dixon

One of my favourite sportsmen is Scott Dixon. Probably the most consistently fast New Zealander ever competing in a sport where Kiwi’s are not overly represented. Really if at all. Yet when they do make the world’s stage they are fantastic representatives of themselves and New Zealand.
One of the most iconic Kiwi images of Scott is him getting out of a heavily crashed Nissan Sentra GT Cup car with a pillow strapped to his back. People laughed. Not now. That kid was fast and proves it every weekend in a series where the slightest mistake would take more than a pillow to cushion.
scott dixon - YourMondayMotivator: Persistence - a season long story by Scott Dixon
We do not have many Scott Dixon’s or Mitch Evans in this country. And yet we have a lot of very fast kids who’s persistance and drive can only get them so far. Why? Money. Racing costs a lot. Not as much as an America’s Cup campaign. But a lot. And it is generally funded by parents and sometimes businesses, or business people, like Sir Colin Giltrap.
To be successful they have to give up a lot and work really, really hard to get the funding and drives they need to get themselves noticed. It’s a hard life even when you’ve made it. Because you’re really only as good as your last drive, your car, and the team you’re relying on to prepare the best car they can for you – to potentially put into a wall.
So like Scott Dixon, who had to work extra hard to keep himself in contention this season with a slow car until Honda’s engine development caught up, you need to be persistent. Work with what you’ve got right now. And then when you have got the fastest engine, best sales kit or a great product, you too will be able to get some wins under your belt and reap the rewards.
Have a great week.