YourMondayMotivator: This year will be the best …

For several years now Lauren and I have asked ourselves the following question to help us set our goals for the coming year.
This will be the best year of our lives because? ________
It is a question I picked up from something I read and it has been a real source of focus for both of us. We sit down together for about an hour and keep asking ourselves what would make 2012 the best year ever. Taking the time to do this is great for our relationship to because we get to focus on “us” and our future together.
The list is put up in Google Docs so we can view it whenever we like and tick things off as they are done. Seeing a lot of  DONE!  next to things gives me an amazing feeling of accomplishment and also keeps track of what we did achieve.
In my opinion the keeping track bit is very important because it’s very easy to forget what you did in the last 12 months if you haven’t noted it somewhere. We all do a lot in a year, even if it sometimes feels like we haven’t, and when we look back at what we did it’s very cool. Wow, we did all that is what we usually say.
The main thing I have found doing this though is keeping things simple, achievable and in line with where you want to end up in 30 years. Write down everything you can think of then cull that list to 15-20 things. The reason I recommend that is that work and life will get in the way and if you have a huge list you won’t get through it all and that can be demoralising.
This year we are going to review our goals at the beginning of each month (time together) and have put the name of the person responsible for each goal. We are looking forward to seeing if this makes a difference.
Have a great time doing this exercise this week and I look forward to hearing how you get on during the year.
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