YourMondayMotivator: Habits that work for you

Habits. People mainly talk about habits as good or bad but don’t seem to know how they created habits that stick or how to unstick the ones that don’t work for them.
There are only two types of habits; those you deliberately form to achieve a goal and those that form randomly because we do not have a purpose.
Once formed, habits operate automatically, without any input from you. An example of a habit is operating automatically would be changing gears when you are driving. Things you don’t have to think about to do them.
This time of year is a great time to think about forming some new habits to help you get what you want. In my opinion the most important habit to get what you want is the success habit. It’s an easy habit to form if you follow this simple process.
Every day think about the things you want and the life you desire. A MindMovie or Dreamboard would help with this. This does not have to be a long process. Just a minute or two focusing on what you want will start to have an effect on you. Consistency is the key here. And defining what success is to you.
Once you are in the habit of doing it every day you will find it easier to form the next habit and the next. Remember humans are the only creatures on the planet given total control over our habits and thoughts. This seems to have been done on Purpose. In my opinion it is a terrible waste if we don’t use it to create habits which work for us. Have a great week and get onto the success habit.
My best.

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