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I love the holidays for giving me time to catch up on my reading. They do so by making it ok to sit on my butt and read. And I really make the most of it. Probably to the detriment of my fitness 🙂
You might be thinking you don’t have the luxury of the time needed to read, and that might be true. However, the thought occurred to me last night that reading is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.
When you reframe reading from a luxury to a necessity a different thought pattern will occur. You make time for necessities don’t you? You make time to eat and drink right?
Think about reading being the same as eating or drinking, that is nourishment, for your mind and soul.
That makes it a necessity because if you don’t eat or drink you die. The same can be said for reading. If you don’t read your brain will die. Bit dramatic, I am prone to that sometimes to get my point across, but you get the message now. It is that important.
So this week make time to read. Turn the idiot box off and read. It doesn’t matter where you do it either. Laptop, PC, iPad, iPhone, magazines and pamphlets are all fine. Just read and then take note that you did read because ten minutes here and five minutes there will add up over the day, the week and the year.
Have a great day and read more.
My best.
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