YourMondayMotivator: Teamwork and moving

On Saturday we moved office and as the day wore on (literally it was very hot) I noticed teamwork was happening without anyone having to direct anybody.

That seems to happen when you have a group of people who know how to do stuff. They might have moved before or have the tools and know how to pull down a desk, pack a truck or tie decent knots.

The inherent knowledge, or common sense, they have seems to make any job easier and more fun.

Everyone knew the goal – move nine people and all their stuff to an office across town – and just got stuck in. Piles were made of stuff to go through, stuff that could break, stuff that is really important and stuff to throw out.

The other thing that really helped was having the right tools for the job – a decent sized truck, trolley and guys big enough to lift heavy things.

I’m typing this at my new desk, with my new view, and thinking how easy that was. Next time you have a big job to do think carefully about who is going to be on your team and what tools you will need. It will make the job more fun, faster and probably give you a better result.

Have a great week.