YourMondayMotivator: Do you care?

Do you care about the Eygption Revolution?

Do you care about Hone Harawira?

Do you care about how the All Blacks will go in the World Cup?

Do you care about what you look like and how you feel?

There is a lot happening in the world around us every day and people asking / telling us we should care.

But, caring takes a lot of energy. Energy that needs to be put into ourselves first. Because by doing that everything else seems to take care of itself. When we care how we look, and feel, people get it. They can’t help but ‘get it’ because it radiates from us like sun beams through clouds (example).

You’ve seen that right? That’s what happens when you take care of yourself. The energy might just be peeking through on some days when your a bit low but on others it will be on full and people will take a second look at you or even mention it.

So how do you take care of yourself without radical change? I’ve noticed drinking more water, eating protein (eggs or a shake) first thing in the morning and doing simple exercises is helping me. Small changes that are compounding and leading to bigger ones. It hasn’t been hard and I haven’t renewed my gym membership.

Monday’s should be days when you just want to crack into your work because you enjoy it or have heaps of ideas over the weekend. Care about yourself first and you will find even the most mundane job will become an exciting challenge and lead onto something better.

Have a great week.