YourMondayMotivator: Do you give yourself enough space?

Yesterday I spent the entire day watching and talking race cars and was able to get to both Hampton Downs and Pukekohe. Only in New Zealand could you do that surely. Amazing.

I woke up this morning with a lot of space, my wife is away for a week, and apart from missing her thought the house was pretty empty without her to fill some of the space.

Then I thought about the day before and how when sitting in the grandstand at Pukekohe the spectators allow themselves a lot of space. But the racers all hunker down together, their garages, tents and cars rght next to each other. They make very good use of all their available space and make it easy to chat and spy on each other.

It’s and interesting concept this ‘space’ because people use it to break up with each other, “I just need some space”, and to get things lined up, “I need to get the spacing right”.

We need space to get things done, to feel ok, and to arrange our lives but how often do we give ourselves that space. This morning I have had to duck into the boardroom to write this because everyone turning up was taking up the head space I need to write.

To give yourself the space you first need to take note of what makes you feel crowded. Taking note is the important bit because it will give you a measurement you can do something with. Plus you can also ask yourself questions about why your feeling crowded in those situations.

Have a great week and after you’ve read this pop your head up from the screen, look around and smile. It’s Monday, it’s a great day, and you’ve got a chance to do something cool today.