YourMondayMotivator: Stop working, working.

Instead of working, working towards your goals why not stop, relax, and visualise / imagine having achieved them already.

On Saturday I was about to turn the TV on while we waited for friends to turn up. Lauren was getting ready, so instead of turning on the TV I decided to just sit up straight, close my eyes, and take notice of my breathing. I concentrated on my left nostril and felt the air go in and out and then concentrated my right nostril. In and out.

An amazing thing happened. My mind stilled. I relaxed. I let my thoughts wander but always brought my concentration back to the air going in and out.

Then the first sentence of this MondayMotivator popped into my head. I continued to concentrate on my breathing but the thought was persistent. So, I slowly opened my eyes, took a breathe and then bolted to my bedroom to pick up my notebook. I decided I couldn’t write fast enough so I grabbed my laptop and started typing.

As I typed this, and other things, I realised I need to do this more often. I have a reminder to stop and take three deep breathes every day at 1pm. Unfortunately I haven’t been sticking to it but today it dawned on me that stopping and focusing on your breathing for even a minute gives a mind a welcome break and amazing things happen in that space.

This works. Give yourself the space every day. It will allow you to think and to grow.

Have a great week.