YourMondayMotivator: What are you missing out on?

What are you missing out on when you stay as you are?

This weekend I didn’t want to get off my backside too much. I’d had a HUGE week and was quite happy to be a sloth.

However, things needed to be done and it hit me just before the 8th V8 Supercar Race on Sunday afternoon that if I didn’t go for a walk I would not get one in. By sitting on my backside I would miss out on my exercise for the day.

So my solution was to watch the first 2 laps and go for a walk/run and get back in time to watch the last 15 laps. Worked perfectly.

Then I thought what if I was shy, or angry, or over confident, what would I be missing out on then.

Bit of a leap I know but I was in my thinking place at the time … the shower.

If I was shy I would miss out on meeting people who could help me with my goals. If I was angry no one would want to be around me. If I was overconfident people would think I was arrogant and be happy to watch me fail instead of helping me.

What are you missing out on if you have the wrong attitude?

It could be a big list. Something to really think about this week because if you change your attitude you could see a huge difference in your life the same day.

Have a great week.


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