YourMondayMotivator: Five Reasons the South Island rocks

Good morning.
I was lucky enough to get down to the South Island for the weekend and enjoyed it so much I thought I would share with you five reasons the South Island rocks. These are not that objective but I’ve done my best.
1. There is no one there. 
I remember a statistic that there are more people in Auckland than there are in the South Island. About a million for a land mass almost twice as big as the North Island. When you are driving between places there can be a long time before you see someone else.
2. The Weather.
It doesn’t change 4-10 times a day. You can actually plan your day. Yes I know Auckland had a great weekend but have you seen the day today?
3. The Scenery.
You cannot beat the scenery of the South Island. You might beg to differ but I’m referring to Auckland and the North Island here not the rest of the World.
4. The People.
Why do people get friendlier the more you head South?
5. The Roads.
The roads in this country seem to get better after Taupo and I don’t remember seeing too many massive trucks either. In fact as I think about this I would have seen a handful the whole weekend and didn’t get stuck behind one. So with a combination of beautiful scenery, no traffic lights and only you and roadkill on the road, driving is a great experience.
I recommend you jump on a flight, rent a car and get down there for a weekend. It might take you a day to slow down from City speed but the clean air and breath taking scenery remind you why New Zealand is an amazing place to live.
Make the most of it.
Have a terrific day.