YourMondayMotivator: MAPKAP

Good morning.
If you have been reading the MondayMotivator for some time you will know I write it on Monday morning. This keeps it fresh and not just an automatic email sent each week from the pile.
I do this because I made a promise to send you an inspirational, or kick in the pants, email that gives you something to think about each week.
One of my advisors told me he calls this MAPKAP; Make A Promise, Keep A Promise.
This is such a simple statement yet one that makes the biggest difference to who you are and what people think about you or your business.
Why does MAPKAP make a difference? Because you create an expectation that people can rely on you to make something happen. In my case that is sending you an easy to read, succinct, inspirational email every Monday morning. I take it a bit further by making it every Monday morning, holiday or not and havent missed one for over five years.
What this has done for me is allowed people to trust me to get things done and helped me build my business. I can only imagine that someone of your genius could do even more with this simple philosophy.
Have a terrific day and this week and remember – MAPKAP.