YourMondayMotivator: What the bleep do I know?

Good morning.
Have you ever asked yourself, “what do I know?”
The next question that might pop up after a piece of information bubbles to the surface would be, “how do I know that?”.
I feel positive that if you asked yourself those two questions you would never come to the end of your knowledge. Because, as you ask yourself those questions you would then know something else and then something else that would be the result of adding those two pieces of information together.
But the interesting thing about this is that you would get to pieces of information that you would not know where you got them from. There are experiments by Quantum Physicists that show at a Quantum level everything is connected by potential. Now I’m not a Quantum Physicist but to me that rings true and I’m thinking it is from this place we must collect that information we don’t know how we know.
So what does this mean to you on a Monday morning? Apart from, “Come on Glenn it’s Monday. Do I have to think this hard?”
You have more influence than what you think you do %%First name%% %%glennedley Firstname%%. You are more than you think you are and as we get to the end of another year I would like you to start thinking about how much you’ve achieved this year. You have done great and I’m really looking forward to seeing what you can you in 2009.
Have a terrific day.