YourMondayMotivator: Don’t give up now!

The year is winding down quickly and I keep hearing excuses about why deals can’t be done and decisions made – it’s too close to Christmas. No it’s frustrating.
That’s right the typical Kiwi ‘we’re winding down’ attitude has started early this year.
Peoples pools of decision are being used up deciding what to buy people for Christmas. Or in some cases how are we going to survive through to the end of January.
This is not the time to give up now. This is the time to get out there while people have some time in their day and start or cement some relationships.
dont give up - YourMondayMotivator: Don't give up now!
Add value is a phrase I try not to use to often because marketers have pummelled it into meaningless-ness. But that’s what you could be doing at this time of the year.
Don’t be out there trying to sell yourself or your product – people aren’t buying. Get out there and find out what people / businesses want to do next year. There seems to be a buzz around 2014. Business confidence is up. Yay! It’s taken awhile.
Be a sounding board but don’t expect to get paid. Make use of this slack time and better weather to just pop in and say hello. Ask questions and generally take an interest in people. That kind of attitude will help you through this time of year and set you up well for next year.
Why? Because you will have helped some people get clear on what they want to do. Added value by being a sounding board and generally a nice person. People like that and they remember.
So don’t give up now. Just tweak your attitude to one of helping, take a big breath, relax and enjoy this time of the year. It will pay off big in 2014.
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