YourMondayMotivator: Your place of productivity + Crashing Colossus

Every morning I get a feeling that I need to get out of the house and down to my office. It makes for an interesting balance of getting things sorted, like my daughter, getting breakfast and just wanting to get to work.
I have a ‘place of productivity’ in my office. It’s not just my desk and set up. It’s how I’ve got my desk and surroundings set up. I like to be there. I can look out the window at the world going by, have a chat to someone or do some thinking with purpose. That is thinking about a particular client/problem and how we can make an adjustment here, a tweak there and really help them get a return on the investment they make with Spike.
It’s a place of inspiration and productivity for me.
place - YourMondayMotivator: Your place of productivity + Crashing Colossus
Do you have a place like that %%First Name%%?
It’s really important you do. Because you will find that you can be super productive for a good amount of time before the day hits you.
The day of distractions: email, phone calls, meetings, decisions. All the stuff that is important but can get in the way of making real progress that makes you feel good.
I like to have my phone on silent for periods of time and make it known I’m working on something. However, I have to to be mindful to give the same consideration to my team. I’ve learned I can’t just barge in and ask them to do things. It mucks their day up as well.
Today ask yourself if you have a place of productivity? A place you enjoy being that allows you to think and work and do stuff of value. If your current space isn’t working ask yourself what could make it work and do that. For example I like my back against the wall. Think about some little tweaks that will make you want to race into work like I do. It’s cool.
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