YourMondayMotivator: Whose expectations are you living up too?

I believe you can only be truly free when you are almost invisible because truly great things come from the invisible.
A good example is “overnight successes”. They were invisible for years. Practicing and working on their chosen craft.
There is no expectation on you if you are not visibly labelled. Think of a gang member wearing a patch. There is an expectation of what they will be. And they feel they must live up to that expectation.
They are no longer free even though they believe they are the 1%, the outsiders. Once patched they are forever visible. Forever being watched. And forever living up to someone else’s expectations.
There is a flip side though. If the label you choose for yourself is aspirational you will have to live up to your own expectations.
freedom - YourMondayMotivator: Whose expectations are you living up too?
So choose your label well, wear it with pride and live up to it. Do not let others label you or you will be placed in a box and their expectations thrust up on you.
I like the idea of being invisible and having no expectations thrust upon me. Think about it %%First Name%%. Work hard at what you want to do or be and others will take notice, on your terms.
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