YourMondayMotivator: Checking out the view

Yesterday morning I was sitting in my lounge looking out the window and thinking I didn’t like it because of the blue house that imposes itself on my view.

And I was thinking about moving to a place with a view, not blocked by a rubbish blue house, when it occurred to me that a different view wouldn’t change the way I was feeling. Only I could change my mood.

Maybe the old adage is true money wont buy you happiness.

The idea that it doesn’t matter what the view is if you’re having a good or bad day really struck me as true. I think I even sat up. I know I wrote it down.

By sitting there doing nothing I got a lot done. That might seem contradictory but I was able to nut out a few ideas for clients and Spikemail just by being still and thinking. Had to make sure I wrote them down though ready for action today.

So this morning while you sit at your desk or on the bus reading this look around and take in the view. Changing it is not going to change your mood, jumping up and down and shaking the sleep from your body and smiling might.

Have a great week and take a few minutes each day to sit still and stare outside before you start looking at a screen. It’s an interesting difference.

My best.