YourMondayMotivator: I’ll be happy when …

“I’ll be happy when … my ship comes in, I lose 5kg, I earn $100k per year, I can run 10k …”

This morning I saw an ad on TV promoting a well known supplement company with people talking about what they wanted. One lady said she would be happy when …

That phrase really got my attention and I started to wonder why she wasn’t happy now. Why did something have to happen before she was happy?

Losing weight, achieving goals gets me excited but I’m already happy with where I’m at because that’s where I am. There is an exercise a friend once taught me and that is to state what you are doing. By stating what you are doing you become aware of it. Doing so never fails to make me smile.

Nothing you can do or have will ever make you happy. Only you can be happy.

And then we get to the meaning of happiness. No one seems to have a complete definition of it. Although I think children must come very close when they are running around screaming with a huge smile on their faces.

Think about what makes you happy this week. Note them down and read them from time to time to see if they have changed. It will make for interesting reading and every so often state what you are doing. It will refocus you and make you smile.